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International Forensic Sciences Article Competition

We are glad to inform you that IFS is organizing Online - International Forensic Sciences article writing competition to utilize your quarantine, prove your knowledge and writing skills. Attractive Prizes/Gift will be given to the top 3 Winners along with a Certificate. All the participants will be awarded with a certificate. We will publish the articles of top 100 winners on our Website, and/or e-Books. If your article or chapter is published in a book, then you will receive a free copy of the eBook.  

We are inviting articles and book chapters for following upcoming book:

ISBN : 978-81-931447-5-6

(Reserved for upcoming publication)

Entry is FREE of charge...

International Forensic Sciences : Article Competition

Submission Guidelines:

Type : Article, Case Study, Paper, Essay, Scientific Notes, Educational Notes, Study Articles  etc (Articles & Chapters for Books are preferred).

You must submit your article online only at www.ifsdp.com/submit 

  • All entries must be in English language Only.

  • Only original works that have not been published in print, digital or online publications will be considered. Self-published work in blogs, on websites or social media, etc. will be considered.

  • Entering into a competition assigns the copyright of the entry to the IFS, even if the entry does not win.

  • Copyright for articles are retained by the author(s), with publication rights granted to the IFS.

  • Certificate will be provided to each participant.

  • Submit your documents in Microsoft Word - .doc or .docx format only

  • A candidate may submit multiple articles (separately) to increase chances of winning.

  • The Cover Page should consist of the Name, Contact Details, and University / Organization of the participant along with the Title of the Article.

  • Co-authorship is permitted (maximum of 3 authors).

  • Please submit text only. All the entries must be typewritten.

  • Article needs to be original; Plagiarism must be below 25%

  • Word Limit: Minimum 1500 words (About 4 to 5 - A4 size pages)

  • Word Limit: Maximum 5000 words (About 7 to 10 - A4 size pages)

  • Page : A4 = One-column only - Don't divide page in two vertical sections.


  • Titles : Times New Roman, 16 / 14 pts.

  • Main Body: Times New Roman, 12 pts.

  • Footnotes: Times New Roman, 10 pts.

  • Line Spacing: Single or 1.5 for the Main Body

  • Alignment: Justified

  • Page Size =  A4 (Single Column Only - Don't divide page in two vertical sections)

  • The submission must be made only in *.doc or *.docx format.

Sample Article / Article Format / Basic Template


Submit your article online from - www.ifsdp.com/submit 


Judgement Criteria:

Following criteria may be used in assessing the articles by the Panel of Judges of IFS :
Content, The quality of language, Grammar & punctuation, Formatting, Originality, Clarity,

Structure, Overall impression, analysis, Forensic Science relevance etc. You can send Articles, Case Studies etc, but articles & chapters suitable for books are highly recommended. We are not primarily looking for any new research papers etc but articles and any contributions suitable for books will be preferred.


International Standard Book Number : 978-81-931447-5-6 (ISBN)

Competition Winners :

Shruti Pandey,
Purohit Anurag,
Aditya Sharma.


Participation Certificates already sent to all participants,

If not received then check SPAM folder




After publication of book / blog with top 100 articles, we will update link here.

Important Dates:* Last Date of Submission : 29 Nov. 2020, Declaration of Results : 18 Dec. 2020

(*Subject to change)

Certificate of Participation for all...

IFS is not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant and will not become involved in copyright disputes. The decision of the judges shall be final and binding. IFS reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Sending an entry is not proof that we have received your entry. Automated confirmation email / Ref. No. from IFS is required. No responsibility can be accepted for entries that are lost or delayed, or which are not received for any reason.

Subjects / Topics =

Forensic Science, Criminology, Questioned Documents, Handwriting, Fingerprint, Cyber Forensics, Forensic Biotechnology, DNA Fingerprinting, Forensic Engineering, Fire and Arson Investigation, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Accounting, Financial Fraud Examination, Forensic Photography, Forensic Odontology / Dentistry, Mobile Phone Forensics, Private Investigator / Detective, Wildlife Forensics, Crime Scene Investigation, Digital Evidences, Cyber Security, Cyber Law, Forensic Medicine, Forensic Audio and Video Analysis, Expert Witness, Forensic Report Writing, Forensic Experts Cross Examination, Forensic Science Advanced Techniques, and any other topics related to Forensic Sciences etc…

Please submit your article online only at www.ifsdp.com/submit 

Thank You...

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